February 2009

The project featured here was a collaborative exercise of three friends (J, R, and C) living in separate places. A list of “first lines” was created and each participant had the opportunity to start with that line or create their own.

Beyond this first iteration, this same tactic of prompts - pre-typed at the top of a piece of paper, placed in a stack at a humming typewriter - has been used in multiple occasions and venues as a way to build on our shared experience.

Before you read any of the ones below, consider choosing about 2 or 3 or 11 to be your first lines, and try it yourself. Format dictates that they must be typewritten (your library has a typewriter if you don’t... but you should). You can go as long or short as you want, limited to one page. Once you’re done, consider mailing your responses to PO Box 442, Green River, UT 84525, to be included in the permanent archive. Whether you mail them or not, compare them to the ones below, graphing where our paths cross and diverge.

do you want to participate in the naming of things?    R

untitled for the moment    R    C

beards and great men    R    C

for me, inspiration comes from    J    R

there was once a little boy who would always wear    R

things I have lost in the past 98/126 days    J    R

regarding branding    J    R

i am [never] only now    J    R

portrait of a rebel_.    R

how do you make your decisions?    R

The unrealised importance of neon: (4-part series)    pink    orange    yellow    green


i am no island    J

atleast I feel that today    J    C    R

to us, the physicality of a space is just as much:    J

alcohol sure does cause a lot of problems    J

who are, and who can bem the young professionals?    J

in regards to credit    J

vagabundo    C

as I felt @ one point in time and still reference    C

meaning varies by spatial scale    C

lyrics: for the moment    C

Dont let the hurricanes and shark attacks hold you back    C

the world needs less glitter:    C