Office of Jack Forinash

I want to reveal our connections and bring order and logic to things that are messy and obscured by emotion. (Is that possible?) I work within and in service to what is already present, addressing housing insecurity, social justice, and community responsibility by using tools like circular saws, yearslong conversations, and detailed spreadsheets. 

My practice addresses the stability of a community - each home is a building block of civic and community strength. I work to break intergenerational poverty cycles by building systems and structures that can generate familial wealth - wealth more than money that can be leaned on and passed down in community. As a young professional, I was drawn to social justice practices rooted in the specificities of people and place. I work in rural places across America, and over the last decade I’ve entrenched myself in small-town communities, arriving as an outsider and building trust through a commitment to long-term projects. I contribute via my architectural background and my interest in problem solving, using design and social engagement strategies to address housing inequities. I work to facilitate greater access to housing as a universal human right. My work, my advocacy, is based in true, defined needs with parameters known, so that the energy put forth is based not on impulse or whim but definition.

I work as a Citizen Architect in Rural America.

Upcoming and Recent Work


Reachable at:
PO Box 29
New Cuyama, CA 93254