DESIGNhabitat 2 House

2006 | Greensboro, Ala.

Architectural Co-Designer, On-site Builder, Team Member

A 1,050-square-foot part systems-built, part site-built home as a new model for out-sourcing “drying in” the home to a factory home builder while still maintaining enough on-site work to meet the Habitat model of community support of a partner family

Designer: Jack Forinash as part of a 16-person Auburn University student design/build team
Builder: Nationwide Homes, Jack Forinash as part of a 16-person student design/build team, volunteers, and the partner family
Client: Hale County Habitat for Humanity
Funding: Hale County Habitat for Humanity and Auburn University
Cost: ~$120,000
Recognition: an ACSA Collaborative Practice Award (2007), a national AIA Housing Design Award (2007), an AIA Alabama Honor Award (2006); profiled in “Designed for Habitat” (Hinson, Miller; Routledge Press, 2013)