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Desert Fellowship

I’m spending two weeks in New Cuyama, CA as rural development consultant at Blue Sky Center.


Call in to our 24-hour hotline to be patched into a day on the island as we serve as human buoys on Rabbit Island. 605 468 5774

Late February 2009 Time Machine

Join in on this collaborative writing project by sending me your own call-and-responses.

Early 2010 Time Machine

Travel back to read the original manifesto of Epicenter. Still relevant today.


▲ Jack Forinash is a rural housing pioneer and was co-founder of Epicenter, a citizen-focused non-profit organization in Green River, Utah, serving as the Principal of Housing until mid-2017. As a leader in conscientious design/build ethos, he brings empathy and consideration to the practice of applied arts, architecture, and good old-fashioned fun.

I’m currently seeking work in rural places and with fun people. And in cities if it’s not a long-term thing. And also seeking non-work.

Contact by Electronic Mail

Contact by Real Mail:
    PO Box 442
    Green River, UT 84525

Upcoming and Recent Work