Blue Sky Center (New Cuyama, CA)
Executive Director

Collective Member


in 2020: now, the year of 366
more letters, some stretching, trying water for the first time


January 28, 2020
Enterprise’s Winter Convening
“Looking Up,” with Jack Forinash

November 26 - 30, 2019
7th Annual Friendsgiving (Palouse, WA)
Planning Committee Co-chair
With Mary Welcome

October 9-15, 2019
Time + Place Residency (Detroit, MI)
Design/build renovation project
With Homeboat 

October 3-5, 2019
Rural Arts & Culture Summit (Grand Rapids, MN)
Convening of rural-based artists
Session Leader: “The After Hours Hours (or, why my bar tab is a reimbursable expense)”
With Homeboat

June 7-9, 2019
Beach Blanket Babylon (Green River, UT)
Convening of social practice artists for the weekend
Organizer and Host
With Homeboat 

June 2018 - March 2019
Creative Community Design Build:
- Yes! House (Granite Falls, MN)
- Polos Building (St. James, MN)
Selected Creative Consultant
With SWMHP, Ashley Hanson, Mary Welcome, Kelly Gregory, Spence Kroll, Corbin LaMont, and Zoe Minikes

Winter 2018/2019
Group Deep (online)
24/7 video chat room to help friends through winter holidays (revived for “stay at home” orders in 2020)

November 20 - 24, 2018
6th Annual Friendsgiving (Palouse, WA)
Planning Committee Co-chair
With Mary Welcome, Heather Kai Smith, Lucia Carroll, Colin Bliss, Lisa Rothlisberger, Kirsten Bauer, Kyle Lefler, Carson Davis Brown, Rick Rothlisberger, Jose Paz, Em Johnson, Zach Runge, “Just Call Jess” Boone, Lauren McCleary-Herbold, David Herbold, Eric Jessup, Alayna Rasile, Alayna’s squeeze Ryan, Zya Levy, Margo Wekenman, Spence Kroll, Tony Giltner, Kyle’s friend Jason, & Kirsten’s friend Colin, with drop-ins by Geoff Holstad and Sarah Darnell

October 29, 2018
Conversation with Environmental Design Students and College-wide Lecture
at Auburn University, College of Architecture, Design, & Construction (Auburn, AL)

June - October 2018
St. James Healthy Housing Initiative - Community Advocate Program
With Mary Welcome, Kelly Gregory, and Corbin LaMont

April 16-20, 2018
Cook for 555 Artist Residency
at Blue Sky Center (New Cuyama, CA)

March 29-31, 2018
Cook for Space Space Space Conference, Cranbrook Academy of Art
With Zoe Minikes

March 28, 2018
(d) Symposium at Iowa State University College of Design (Ames, IA)
Presenter: “Homeboat”
With Mary Welcome and Corbin LaMont

March 2018
Westbrook Artists’ Site (Winterset, IA)
Design/builder and Workshop Host
With Mary Welcome, Corbin LaMont, and Spence Kroll

November - December 2017
Blue Sky Center (New Cuyama, CA)
Desert Fellow
Assisted BSC with critical resource development to address affordable housing concerns in New Cuyama; published New Cuyama Housing Assessment.

November 18 - 25, 2017
Annual Friendsgiving (Palouse, WA)
Planning Committee Co-chair
With Mary Welcome, Kelly Gregory, Spence Kroll, Tony Giltner, Lucia Carroll, Colin Bliss, Zach Runge, Jeanne Fulfs, Courtney Kroll, Tom Popel, Alayna Rasile, Alayna’s squeeze Ryan, Heather Kai Smith, Kyle Lefler, Kyle’s friend Kayte, Carson Davis Brown, Ashley Hanson, and Brian with an “i”

November 2 - 5, 2017
Common Field Convening (Los Angeles, CA)
Presenter: “Food - Water - Shelter”
With Homeboat crew members Spence Kroll and Kelly Gregory

September 25 - November 12, 2017 (exhibit)
September 27 at 6 PM (film screening and artist talk)
Rabbit Island Works and Research Exhibit at the DeVos Art Museum (Marquette, MI)
With Mary Welcome and Kelly Gregory

September 16, 2017
Palouse Days Photo Booth
With Mary Welcome

September 2-3, 2017
Selected participant for “A Day in the Woods”
Basque Ovens outside Truckee, CA
With Sarah Lillegard

September 2017 - January 2019
Technical Assistance Provider for Habitat for Humanity of Castle Country (Price, UT)

June - July 2017
Selected Artists for Partnership Art (ArtPlace) Healthy Housing Initiative with Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership (St. James, MN)
With Mary Welcome and Kelly Gregory

November 2008 - June 2017
Co-founder and Principal of Housing at Epicenter (Green River, UT)

Frontier House (Green River, UT)

June 2017
Rural Arts & Culture Summit (Morris, MN)
Presenter for “Reflections on Engaging Arts & Culture in Housing”
With Jose Galarza (DesignBuildBLUFF) and Chelsea Alger (SWMHP)

May 2017
Rural Summit hosted by Blue Sky Center (New Cuyama, CA)
Keynote Presenter for “I’m not alone in this work. We’re not alone in these communities.”

2014 - 2017
Board Member and Rural Committee Co-chair for Utah Housing Coalition

January 2009 - October 2017
Board Member, Program Manager, Family Selection Committee Member, and Resource Development Committee Chairman for Habitat for Humanity of Castle Country (Price, UT)

August 2012 - May 2013
Interim Director at the University of Utah’s DesignBuildBLUFF (Salt Lake City/Bluff, UT)

Additional Work as a Citizen Architect:

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