Rabbit Ear House

2013 | Mexican Water, Navajo Nation

Director, Instructor

The design and construction of a highly efficient house at $25,000 total out-of-pocket cost for a 64-year-old single Navajo woman through the DesignBuildBLUFF architectural program at the University of Utah

Project team: Jack Forinash (Instructor), Atsushi Yamamoto and Hiroko Yamamoto (DBB staff), Jared Anzures, Anya Barmina, Steph Crabtree, Matthew Duncan, Kristie Faught, Cody Gabaldon, Daniel Teed, Hakam Shafiq, Rosemary Shkembi, and Nicolas Stock
Client: Private client
Timeline: design fall 2012, construction spring 2013 (64 days of construction)
Cost: $60,000 material value ($25,000 out of pocket, $35,000 value of in-kind materials, labor not calculated as it was provided by team of 10 students)

Syllabus for Fall 2012 design/research semester
Project page on DBB’s website